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What is included in the price?

When we provide a quote for window cleaning, the price is always inclusive of all frames, sills and doors (uPVC), we are extremely resolute about this and will not under any circumstances offer a glass only clean. We see a window for what it is and not just a pane of glass.



How do I get in touch?

The best way to contact us is via email as unfortunately I am unable to take calls whilst working / driving, emails are

generally answered the same evening, however please feel free to text or call and leave a voicemail on my mobile: (07496) 006199.


Do you provide internal cleans?

Absolutely, although this will need to be booked in advance and we ask that all furniture and obstructions kindly be removed to not only allow us access but to avoid any risk of damage.


You've left and my windows are still wet?

This is completely normal and there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. Because our water goes through a 6 stage, high pressure filtration process (4 stage reverse osmosis and 2 stage de-ionisation) it is free of any impurities and it will dry naturally within the hour completely streak / spot free. Please note: During the winter months, this may take a little longer.


I have hard to reach windows: for example above conservatory, velux etc

This shouldn't be a problem in the majority of cases but we are happy to discuss this with you, because we use high reach (35ft) water fed pole, we are able to reach even the most difficult of windows without ever leaving the ground but in the case of velux and dormer windows, this will depend on the pitch of your roof and height of the windows upon the roof.


Access to the rear of my property is locked during the day.

We always send a text message the previous day to inform you that we intend to visit. If we have been unable to visit on the day originally scheduled, we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible to arrange another day (In most cases, this will be the following day).


Access to the rear of my property is only accessible through the front.

Unfortunately, due to many factors, we would be unable to add you to a round as this will generally require a timed appointment and we have found over time this isn't always feasible.


Do you work in all weathers?

We will avoid working in heavy rain, electrical storms, heavy snow and hail. We will however, in most cases work in light - medium rainfall and dependent on temperature, light snow.


How often do you visit?

The majority of our customers are on a 4-weekly rolling basis. We do however offer 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 weekly to suit your needs. This may however affect the cost slightly as over prolonged periods, your glass and frames will attract more dirt and this will require a deeper clean.


How will I know you're coming?

We always send a text reminder the previous day, no ifs / no buts.


Do I need to be at home when you visit?

Absolutely not, we aim to be as helpful as possible, not a hindrance.


Are you insured?

We certainly are and will be happy to provide proof of this upon request.


Will you need to use my water supply?

Absolutely not, firstly and more importantly, tap water is completely useless to us as contains an extremely high volume of TDS (Total dissolved solids) and we require pure water, secondly, we carry all the water needed on board our vehicles.



Do you have a question we haven't answered above? Please feel free to look in our help and advice section or get in touch today where one of our team will be more than happy to assist.



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