How to remove paint and sellotape from windows
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How to remove paint and sellotape from windows.

Paint on glass can seem like a real problem. I mean paint is supposed to adhere to the surface right and it’s not really designed to just come off with a quick wipe, you might get lucky if you catch it early, particularly with emulsions but gloss is another kettle of fish, no amount of wiping will ever remove it and will most likely just make matters worse.

Maybe your little angel has just had a birthday, you’ve spent the last week decorating the house with banners and balloons and these have been stuck to the glass with Sellotape. The party’s over and the last thing you want to do is start carefully removing any Sellotape so you’ve just pulled the balloons and banners off, put your feet up and relaxed with a nice drink…hours have turned into days and days have turned into weeks. The rapidly changing weather that we experience in the UK has heated and cooled the adhesive repeatedly and you are now faced with what may as well be a thin layer of superglue…sure you could attack it with wire wool but I certainly wouldn’t advise it so what can you do?

You will need:

  •  small glass scraper with a new clean blade

(These can be purchased from most hardware stores for a few pounds)

  •  bucket of warm water

  •  liquid detergent (Such as fairy washing up liquid)

  •  2 x microfibre cloth

Different types of glass scraper we advise

Please note!! At no point should you attempt to scrape the glass with a dry scraper as this will almost certainly scratch the glass.


Step 1 – Soak one of the cloths in the water and apply a few drops of detergent, enough to create bubbles but not enough to have a foam party.

Step 2 – Wipe the wet cloth lightly over the affected area to create a wet, soapy layer.

Step 3 – Take the scraper and at an almost flat angle, glide across the surface of the glass. This may take several attempts.

Step 4 – Once the paint/Sellotape is removed, wipe over with the dry cloth to dry and clean the surface.


Repeat steps 1 - 4 for all affected areas.



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